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Drip irrigation is simply a superior way to water your lawn, beds, trees and pots. It delivers water directly to the roots of the plants at a slower, more natural rate that reduces water runoff caused by watering faster than the soil can absorb. With drip irrigation, you control precisely the areas you want to water and only supply as much water as the plants can actually use. Installing drip lines or micro-sprinklers to pots, trees and other areas traditionally watered by hand, also helps save you time by making watering these areas as automatic and efficient as your lawn.

Foundation Drip
  • Even if you don't currently have a sprinkler system, GreatWater Irrigation & Ecoscapes can install a foundation drip system that can be helpful in correcting and preventing foundation issues.

​​Two methods of Flowerbed Drip Installation; total bed grid or point-to-plant

  • Total bed grid - used when bed is highly populated, used in areas where seasonal color is planted
  • Point-to-plant - used when beds have large established shrubs and larger areas not containing plants. A row is installed for foundation watering and each plant is boxed or circled with tubing containing the needed amount of emitters to obtain correct plant hydration. Areas with no plant material are left un-irrigated to reduce weed growth and water waste. 

Micro Drip

  • If you have pots that are relying on hand watering to obtain their hydration, GreatWater Irrigation & Ecoscapes can run micro drip lines to automate watering of pots, planter boxes and gardens.


Tree Drip / Bubblers

  • If you have trees that are struggling in the heat of summer, GreatWater Irrigation & Ecoscapes can install bubblers or drip lines to give the trees additional water directly at the roots by tapping into nearby existing zones.